Artsy Fartsy

ART IS YES!!! I love it. I make it. I eat it on occasion.

Krupa Troopa: A Stop-Motion Painting of Jazz Drummer Gene Krupa from Magic Spoon Productions on Vimeo.

These are various artistic endeavors of mine, ranging from paintings to multi-media creations. Some of it is in my permanent collection, but a lot of it is artwork that I’ve created for others… it’s always hard to let go of it in the end so the least I can do is snap a photo to remember the work by. As always, thanks for browsing!

Created with just paper, scissors and glue, The Therapeutist is a collection of collages that pay tribute to both my childhood days when collaging was a past-time favorite of mine and to one of my favorite surrealist artists Rene Magritte. It’s a constant work-in-progress that I turn to whenever I find myself with “creator’s block.”